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Olympics Live Streaming

In a mansion in the Cosme Velho neighborhood in the South zone of Rio de Janeiro, at seven-thirty in the morning, the table is served with fruit, juices, toast, sausage and the mythical pão de queijo. With this banquet is rise each day, from makes a month, Jordi Xammar, Joan Herp, Barbara Cornudella and Sara Lopez before lifting them candles for exit to navigate.

They are young people, aged between 22 and 23, which will represent Spain in the 470 category, male and female. While all began to navigate small, and no need to think what wind blows, were not expecting to get the ticket to their first Olympic Games as soon. “Only with arrive where we are already is reason to feel us privileged.” “Obviously, aspire to the Medal, but, being realistic, are our first games and with a diploma us are satisfied”, explains Sara Lopez, that in addition to navigate studied architecture in the UPC.

Apparently, their ages and inexperience could be a disadvantage compared to those who have several editions, but for Joan Herp is, rather, their strong point: “possibly, the fact of being young and having the option of participating in other Olympic plays in our favor. Not have the pressure that have other countries that itself looking for the medal because are their last games. In our case, we don’t have this obligation”, she admits.

Joan Herp, sailor, and Jordi Xammar, pattern, occupy the seventh position in the world ranking. Is met in the same club where sailed, in the Masnou, but not formed part of the same group of friends, although with the step of the time will have become in brothers. “In general, when you browse double classes you just changing, because the coexistence on the boat is not easy, but the case of Joan and Jordi and ours are of the few cases that we have both been forming partnership”, exclaims Bàrbara Cornudella olympics live streaming for this to work you will need to find a vpn service that is compatible with torrenting and filesharing websites, together with his cousin Sara López, they were tenth in the last World Cup after nine years sailing together.

“The functions in the ship us the deal to the 50%.” I took the tiller and control the speed. Sara is responsible for the stability of the ship. The race strategy the talk function 2 Panorama”, ensures Cornudella, recognizing that it will be hard to compete against countries like New Zealand, Austria, United States and Brazil, the most feared rivals.

The hard training before the games

Despite having more than 30 days surfing the Guanabara Bay and by testing the hard training have been subjected to that during the past four years, the meteorological conditions of Rio de Janeiro are not comparable to the Mediterranean. “The ocean wave, for example, is longer. In general, is a Bay with enough ropes, and this makes that has effects and variable geographical, by that, have that know well the area. “The Austrian, for example, four years before the Olympics already had the boats here”, has Herp.

“In winter, river of Janeiro is a city with little wind, and when not there is wind, it ideal is weigh little, because the boat is sinks less and go more quickly.” “In this sense Barbara and I carry advantage because are below the weight ideal, that would be between 125 and 130 kilos adding them two”, says Lopez, that at the time of compete has, in addition, with another factor uncontrollable: the pollution of the Bay.

“It can happen that stick you a plastic in the keel and suddenly reduce speed and don’t know why.” In reality all compete under the same conditions, although it is sad that you have to be a plastic”, says Joan, who recalls that in May was made a small cut in the foot, and although they had to put her point wasn’t anything serious. However, due to the waters contaminated of the Bay are you infected and had that return to Barcelona two weeks before it planned.

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